TECHOFES 2014 – Annual Cultural Festival of CEG, Anna University, Chennai 12-15 Feb

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  • Organised by : Students Association and Arts Society, CEG
  • Category : Cultural Event
  • Level : National Level
  • Date : 12 February to 15 February 2014
  • Venue : College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai
  • State / City : TamilNadu/ Chennai
  • Country : India

Techofes is one of the biggest cultural festivals of the country. Enthralled by the success of 66 breath-taking editions, the SAAS is very much excited to invite participants across the world to this cultural extravaganza. The fest promises to spill thrill amongst the cultural freaks of all institutions as a spectrum of formal and informal events are expected to kindle the best out of participants. The electrifying pro-shows are definitely worth the spectators’ delight. The enlightening workshops would add much to the fun and excitement of this carnival. With exciting prizes in store, we assure you of experiencing a phenomenon in mid-February. It’s high time that you folks get embraced in the spectacle.



  • Literary events that include Debates, Creative Writing, discussions, word games and Poem writing contests in English and Tamil and Multiple category quizzes
  • Dramatic events that include Mono Acting, Dumb C and Adzap
  • Dance events, such as solo and group dancing
  • Music events such as Solo singing, Classical vocals, Light Music, and Battle of Bands
  • Creative events  and public speaking events
  • Film/movie making and Photography contests, judged by acclaimed directors
  • PC Gaming rush
  • Treasure Hunts and Material Hunts
  • Workshops in arts and other areas
  • Professional shows and Celebrity concerts
  • Best of the Festival events (Variety Show, Choreo-Nite and Mr & Ms Techofes)



Informals department organizes fun, wacky and spontaneous events for the crowd that comes to Techofes. Adventurous events like treasure hunt, photographic hunt, material hunt and fun events like paintball, standstill, footloose, Street games are a part of this informals



Manikandan S, President             +91-9716706421      

Santhosh Kumar S, Vice-President            +91-9965076699     

Navinkumar R, Arts Secretary     +91-9894570868      


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