Technex 2017 | IIT BHU | 24-26 Feb 2017

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One of the esteemed engineering establishments of the nation; Indian Institute of Technology, (Banaras Hindu University), organizes a celebration of futuristic innovation and exhilarating competition ­– Technex. It is an annual techno-management fest, which will span for three spellbinding days! And act as a confluence of youngsters from every corner of the country.
Experiences from many contemporary and ultramodern developments in technology and management will be presented with a flair never seen before. Briefly, they are:

  • Robonex – Next gen robotics
  • Ascension- Aero-modelling events
  • Supernova- Astronomy based events
  • Byte the Bits- Programming competitions
  • Extreme Engineering- Core engineering events
  • Riqueza – Management-related events
  • Creatrix – Digital arts and creativity
  • Modex – Showcase innovative ideas
  • Pahal – Socio-environmental events

These categories together comprise more than 30 events. The fest upholds lucrative prizes worth INR 200,000 at stake for more than 20k participants to compete for.

Startup Fair – One of the major attractions of Technex, The Startup Fair serves as a dais for courageous and cool CEO`s who get to showcase their designs and plans, and gain invaluable wisdom from leaders in the field of Entrepreneurship as they pitch their idea to their soon-to-be investors.



Exhibitions – Prepare for a brilliant array of technological articles, as numerous companies reveal their fruits of labour, and tell onlookers exactly how they plan to alter the way things work today.

  • NAO BOT – A ‘little’ wonder of technology, a prodigy indeed.
  • INDUSTRIAL ROBOT – A robot which can actually build more of its kind.
  • BIO-BOT PUPPY- Robotic puppy which is as mobile and entertaining as real.
  • CUBE-SOLVER BOT – Because the Rubik’s Cube is not just a human’s toy.
  • 3-D PRINTER – Make your thoughts tangible in minutes with this mind blowing technology
  • BRAIN CONTROLLED DRONE – Control a copter by just thinking about it.
  • INDRO ROBOT– The home made, yet full-fledged humanoid
  • BOWLING BOT: This robot almost always goes for a strike.
  • VR Golf– Enjoy the real fun of golf while still in your living room.
  • GREEN BUILDING – Incredible building techniques to ensure a more sustainable future.
  • ROBOTIC HAND – Amusing gestures with artificial intelligence
  • VR SIMULATOR – An expedition into the unknown, courtesy realistic virtuality.
  • ROCKET LAUNCH – The launch of a 600N thrust rocket reaching the altitude of 1 km.
  • MITRA – A full fledged on-board computer that can replace your PC.



Prof. Veerbhadra Mishra Memorial Air show – A spectacular show of aerodynamics materialising from plain old textbooks to the real RC planes and Quadcopters which will blow minds away as they lift off with a bang! Technex presents the exhilarating and extremely coordinated performance of our elegant machines as they fly through the turbulent skies up ahead!




Think Talks – The fabulous guest lecture series, which has always been the talk of the town, returns each year with far more accomplished and high-minded luminaries, who will not only share their stories from the past but also their plans for the future. Get ready to ruminate over the words spoken by men and women of action.

  • Dilip Chhabria, Founder of DC Design
  • Vinod Dham, Father of the Pentium Chip
  • JN Reddy, Creator of the finite element method
  • Sam Pitroda, Founder Commissioner of United Nations Broadband Commission for Digital Development
  • Balaji Viswanathan, Most followed author on Quora

Workshops – Observation, education, and implementation lie at the core of our vision to propagate pragmatic and real-time use of new-fangled technological concepts. This is what drives the exhaustive workshops which take place at Technex year after year, as they take the reins of modern tech and place them in the hands of those who wish to become its masters.


Corporate Conclave – An innovative event that aims at creating a platform for the students to interact with the greatest corporate giant of our times, so as to provide them with some first-hand knowledge to gear up to face the business world.
Pronites – A fest is incomplete without entertainment and fun, isn’t it? So, after a tiring day of hard work and competition, Technex organizes Pronites of various musicians, comedians and things that are amusing and entertaining for the crowd. So, get ready for a lot of enjoyment which is in store for you, apart from all the ‘nerdy’ stuff.


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