Techkriti ’18 | 15-18 Mar 2018 | IIT Kanpur

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Techkriti is the annual international technical & entrepreneurship festival of IIT Kanpur and definitely the greatest exponent of exuberance and creativity of its students. Techkriti’s efforts, work, and thoughts, all are synced to one simple thing only – help our society as much as we can. To ensure that goal, Techkriti has set up an international platform for the people to innovate and compete. Here, at Techkriti we truly believe that this can be done by having competitions and letting people crave for the best.Techkriti hosts a plethora of Competitions, Exhibitions, Lectures and Shows. In the process, everyone from the society will eventually lead to a better place.  Lately, Techkriti has grown into one of the biggest and the most zestful student festivals in Asia.


Keeping this in mind, the team of Techkriti has introduced the theme “Prism of Possibilities” for this edition. Techkriti serves as a prism to the masses to refract innovation through their own perspectives and creation and proffers leadership in full colors. Every day in the festival introduces a new beginning, all psyched up to disperse into the horizon of infinite possibilities.


This techno-bonanza witnesses fierce, neck to neck competitions in various fields, such as Robotics, Electronics, Business, Design, Coding, Aero-modelling; Online events (Crypto, Stocksim etc.) as well as Rubik’s Cube. Techkriti also has Guest Lectures by esteemed personalities who are well known stalwarts in their respective fields and Exhibitions, that never fail to ignite in students, the passion for innovation. Techkriti will be scheduled from 15th-18th of March, 2018.


In the past, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Ex-President and Founder of India’s missile program), Dr, K. Radhakrishnan (Former Chairman, ISRO and the man behind the Mangalyaan Mission), Richard Stallman (Founder, FSF and GNU Project), Vladimir Voevodsky (Fields Medalist from Russia), Douglas Osheroff (Nobel Laureate-Physics), Michael Foreman (NASA Astronaut),Marshall Strabala (Architect-Burj Khalifa), Jeff Liebermann (Host-Time Warp), Victor Hayes (Father of Wi-Fi), Walter Lewin (Astrophysicist, MIT), Rakesh Sharma (Astronaut, India), Linor Abargil (Former Miss World), Hans Rosling (Data Visionary and Global Health Expert), Alvin E Roth (Nobel Laureate, Economics), P.Sainath (Rural Affairs Editor, The Hindu), amongst the others, have honoured Techkriti to address the students and academia during the festival.


For more details, visit and register yourself now to see how you too can contribute towards changing our society!’






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