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IIT Roorkee, this stands high since 1847, esteemed as one of the best engineering collegeof India. A fountain head of new ideas, IIT Roorkee has produced some of the best engineers, scientists, officers, government officials and business barons. It is our strong belief that encouraging students to become better citizens and aware of their nations problems is extremely important to their all-round development along with focusing on their academic curriculum.


IITKPG Sankalp



Sankalp 2015 the annual social fest which will be held during 6-9 February 2015; aiming that like every year, this year too we will be able to contribute through it to the society.


Sankalp 2015 aims to weave together imagination and engineering to generate novel ideas and designs for various social issues bridging humanities and engineering aspects of the problems, as expressed by our theme “Educate, Evolove, Empower.”


NSS IIT Roorkee has been aiming to enhance standards of living of the underprivileged and an overall developemnet of the society since 1970. The basic idea between Sankalp was to embibe this habit and virtue of social and moral responsibilty amongst the youth, the upcoming future.   It is extremely inevitable to challenge convention and orthodox methods to emerge with new ideasto bring about positive and significant change; be it technological or socio-economico. So despite all odds, we here provide a platform to budding minds of the nation to analyse social problems in the nation and come up with a technical solution.


With an objective to provide a common platform to NSS chapters and other socially active groups in IITs and other institutes and to collaborate and discuss the possiblity of working towards a better future. As the future of the nation and even the world, we have a moral obligation, even a responsibility to use the workforce and resources we have for theupliftment fo the society we live in. To inculcate such a feeling of moral righteousness and to encorporate a coherent thought process in all young inds,to work for a sustainable future for thenation is what we aim at.


SANKALP aims to provide this opportunity through a platform for ideological conflicts directing towards community service.


SANKALP suggests a resolution to come together  and propse technical solutions to vanquish the country’s socio-economic problems. Our mission is tomobilise the nation’s youth in being into progressive citizens with a passion for social service. Our fest last year, acted a platform for students from all over the nation to meet and debate over ideas and initiatives for a better nation. It helped in raising awareness and bright ideas for handling the socio-economic problems.



Events :


APPtitude – A unique competition where participants will be required to fabricate mobile applications programs catering to social and environmental needs.


Marathon – What better than running for a cause ? Sankalp 2015 presents marathon ,where we run to raise the voices of the unheard.


Sociathon –  Sociathon gives emerging NGO’s a social enterprises in their nascent stages a national platform to exhibit their ideas and their mission towards the social welfare.


Utopia –  A competition where participants are asked  to demonstrate the problems prevalent in the villages of grassroots level and devise innovative solutions.


Quarry-Quandry –  Though this debate competition , we aim to provide a platform to bring forth the ideas and witness the stark and contrast in the views existing in our society.


Youth , truth and Politics –  This  is a panel discussion with theme “Political sustainability of liberal norms in the age of shifting power balance “


Raahgirii (Roorkee Chapter)

Based on the Raahgiri day , this event gives students an opportunity to reclaim their lives by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Rethinking Capital – With concerns of financial security of the people  of the people  growing day by day , we ask participants to pose as private banks and provide a strategy to maximize reach in rural India by 2025.


Youth Parliament – Youth is the building block of any society and parliament the law making body . In this event we provide the youth a chance to discuss various aspects of extant policy framework.



Project Oracle :



Rejuvenation – Group dance event


Halla Bol  - a Nukkad Natak competition .


Kodachrome – Online photography Competition


The Wolf of BLOGSTREET – An online arena of best bloggers for opportunity to become ‘wolf’ of blog street.


Carpe Diem – unique competition to submit video documentaries on social concerns.




Guest Lectures :



Mr Krishna Ramkumar


Dr Bindeshwar pathak


Ms Jodie Underhill


Harleen Walia and Shama Parveen Khan



Workshops :



Financial Literacy


Gender Sensitization


Self Defense




Exhibitions :



Save the Quest


CRY- Child Rights and You


Organ Donation Camp


Stem Ceels Donation Camp




The spirit of SANKALP stands for rising above the odds and it bought forward the fact that the youth of the nation is aware and enthusiastic enough to uproot the weeds of ignorance from the society.


“This is not the end, this is not even beginning of the end, this is just the end of the beginning. ” Wiston Churchill



Address:                                                                                                                                                                                                     Contact:

NSS Office                                                                                                                                                                                                  9897 324 981

Mohd.Hafiz Ibrahim Building (Mandi Cell )                                                                                                                            7579  086 960

IIT Roorkee – 247667                                                                                                                                                                          9958 684 621

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