Paridhi 2016 | 19-21 Feb 2016

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A little bit about Paridhi 2016


“Technology is at its best when it brings people together”


Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology is back with the Fifth Edition of its Annual Techno-management fest, PARIDHI organized by the technical wing of the college, MEGATRONIX!

We at Megatronix believe that,one never changes things by fighting the existing reality; to change something one must build something which makes the existing model obsolete. Hence this PARIDHI is newer better and bigger! With an all total of 33 events, PARIDHI brings forth an opportunity for students to test themselves against a vast range of challenges. It is an opportunity to not only complete against the toughest teams in the country but also to win exciting prizes after the heart whelming victory.

Megatronix, the Technical Club of Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology cordially invites each and every one of you to the finest Technical gathering of the season, PARIDHI 2016!

This season, let us all gather together and feel the essence of technology by applying it in the best way possible. So step out of our comfort zones and put your innovative minds to use. This year, push your limits and be at your competitive best to earn beautiful rewards and memories. So come over and give a tough fight because Harder the Battle, Sweeter the Victory.


Date: 19th  Feb, 20th  Feb, 21st  Feb 2016



Clash of Robots: Robotics Events

  1. Takeshi’s Caste: Obstacle based Robo Race.
    1. Court Storm: Robo Soccer-cum-Basketball.
    2. Richie Rich: Robo Carom.
    3. Bhul Bhulaiya: Robo Maze.
    4. Finding Fanny: Robo Search.
    5. Auto Destino: An event on Autonomous Bots.


Game of Codes: Coding Events

  1. Sanhita-Beta: Code-Beta.
  2. Sanhita-Pro: Code-Pro.
  3. Megadroid: Android App Building.
    1. The Queen’s Gambit: Hacking Contest.

11. Web Head: Web Development.


Gamer’s Zone: Gaming Events

12.  Dota: Defense of the Ancient-2.

  1. First Blood: Counter Strike.
  2. Death Race: Need For Speed.
  3. Kick-o-Mania: Fifa-11.


Electrocuted: Electrical Events

  1. Electro Scribble: Electrical Circuit Correcting-cum-Circuit Making.
  2. E-As U Like: Circuit Buiding.


Civil Events

  1. Setu Bandhan: Bridge Building.

19. Aramus: Township Planning.



  1. Inquizitive: Quiz on general topics.


Photography Events

  1. Drishti Onspot: On spot Photography contest.
  2. Roll Camera Action: Short Film making contest.


Electronics Event

  1. Electrostruck: Electronic event.


On-spot Events

  1. Lakshyabhed: Dart Throwing Contest.
  2. Brain Storm: Sudoku Challenge.
  3. The Dark Knight: Chess Challenge.
    1. Brawl On Board: Carom Challenge.
    2. Splash: Logo designing Contest.
    3. Hot Shot: Table Tennis Challenge.


Mini Game Events

  1. Chirpy Chirps: Angry Bird Challenge.
  2. Pocket Rocket: 8 Ball Pool Game.


Business Events

32.  Soch: Idea Presentation Contest.

  1. B-Plan: Written Business Panning Contest.




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