Festember ’14 NIT Trichy 25-28th Sep 2014

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Festember is the annual inter-college cultural extravaganza of NIT Trichy, the best of its kind in south India. Misconstrued as a ‘fest in september’ , the actual origin of festember is ‘A fest to remember’. Generally held in the end of September for around 3-4 days each year, this fest witnesses the participation of around 500 colleges and 10,000 participants from all over the country.




The highlight of the fest is probably the pro-nites that showcases bigshots in the field of entertainment and music like Illayaraja,Javed Ali, Salim-Sulaiman, Benny Dayal,etc. who sway the crowds with their instilling performances.

Around 40 events like Gigahertz, Shruthilaya, Tarangini, ChoreoNite, Lits, Arts, FashionShow, Showtime, etc. bring out the real spirit of competition in the college students to win the rolling festember trophy and the huge prize money it has to offer.


This 40-year old culture of NIT Trichy offers innovative workshops to enable the students to learn a variety of skills. Some of the workshops held were archery, dance(hip-hop and party),street magic,etc.. Besides this, fun events like paintball and water zorbing are also held. Major companies like Hero Honda, Adobe, etc. sponsor this fest enabling each edition of festember proving to be better than the previous one after every passing year.



List of Events


English lits:

  • Lone wolf quiz
  • SplintEnt quiz
  • Buzzer quiz
  • India quiz
  • AV quiz
  • JAM
  • Dabate
  • Dumb C
  • Pot Pourrie
  • Whats the good word
  • Crossword
  • Scrabble
  • PuzzleChamp


Hindi lits:

  • Hindi bollywood quiz
  • Hindi grammar quiz
  • Creative writing
  • Debate
  • Extempore speech
  • India quiz
  • Dumb C
  • Rochak Mantrana
  • Bluff master



  • Short film making



  • Western freestyle solo
  • Choreonite:
  • Western
  • Eastern



  • Theatrix



  • Carnatic vocal solo
  • Carnatic instrumental non percussion
  • Carnatic instrumental precussion
  • Carnatic music quiz



  • Eastern music competition



  • Semi pro western music competition


Tamil lits:

  • Street play(Koothambalam)
  • Tamil quiz
  • Poem writing(Kavithidal)
  • Word play(Varthai vilayattu)
  • Dumb charades(Kaatrodu Kadhai Pesa va)
  • Pot pourrie(Sakalakala vallavan)
  • Cinema quiz(Kodambakkam)
  • Stand up comedy(Kalakal kalatta)
  • Debate(kuraloviyam)
  • Kolam
  • Online labyrinth



Festember does not forget its social responsibility and the FSR team works throughout the year for the betterment of the society. A few major FSR events include Gold Dustbin, Udaan,Green Endeavor, Gift a Birthday etc..


The students of NIT Trichy work in various teams contributing to festember in their own little way. Each year, the ambiance in the college is set to a particular theme and a theme-related event is generally held to bring out the mood of the hour. Some of the themes include Halloween, Retro, Las Vegas  etc.. A promising fest it is, much awaited by students of and outside NIT Trichy, Festember truly proves to be “A fest to remember”.

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