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Nestled in the serene location of Himachal, IIT Mandi is getting ready to play host to thousands of enthusiastic youngsters to the fifth edition of the largest college-fest of the Himalayas – Exodia ’16. Through its whirlwind existence of just four years, Exodia has become a huge crowd magnet and a successful vehicle for publicity with many cultural, technical, special night events along with technical workshops and expert guest lectures. In its glorious past editions, Exodia has seen the likes of ‘Eka’, ‘Raeth’ and ‘The Local Train’ make the crowd go wild in the most stupendous pro-nites. The technical stalwarts of the ranks of Vic Hayes (father of Wi-Fi), Richard Stallman, Sushant Patnaik and Gautam Mahajan (inventor of PET bottles) pass on some drops of their immense knowledge in the guestlectures during Exodia. And the heart of the fest – the youth – has lived a hundred lives in those three days of fun, frolic and adventure. The Kamand Campus throngs with the participants of technical, cultural, literary and funny informal events. These youngsters come from different places, near and far, and make Exodia a memorable event by being a part of it.


This year, Exodia ’16 is scheduled for 8th-10th April. The online photography contest ‘IMagination’ and ad-making contest ‘Mad-Ads’ are already in progress. Technical workshops over a wide variety of topics are being conducted all-over India with our Technical Partners.


The most popular events of the fest are



  • Synchronians (Group-dance contest),
  • Exodia-Idol (solo-singing contest),
  • Band-Slam (instrumental rock-music contest),
  • Couture (theme-based fashion-show),
  • Dementia (online competitive programming contest),
  • APPtitude (appdevelopment contest),
  • Junkyard Wars (develop-from-scratch contest),
  • Electrowar (electronics contest) and
  • Big-Stink (street-play contest).


The EDM Night of the fest and the pro-nite promises to host the most popular names of their fields in Exodia ’16. The team dedicated to the fest is leaving no stone unturned in making this edition of Exodia a fest worth dying for. So, pack your bags and book your seats – Exodia is coming !



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Executive Co-ordinator, Exodia ’16

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