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Rakshak Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded by people from IITs and IIMs with a passion for our nation, is committed to the cause of social and economic progress of India through policy research and awareness/media campaigns.

As a part of its social initiatives Rakshak Foundation has pioneered and conceptualized Desh Raag, an original music competition to evoke patriotic sentiments among the youth.

With the successful completion of Season 1 of the contest, Desh Raag Season 2 is here!

Desh Raag aims to integrate the dissociated and waning patriotism while ensuring a platform for musicians to create songs which are powerful and thoughtful enough to become no less than an Anthem.

To know more about our concept and why we evolved:

The songs from the last season speak for themselves. Here are the links to two such energetic tracks -

Incentives for participation:

  • Prizes worth INR 4 lakhs, for the top 3 finalists. Because, we know your talent deserves its true worth.
  • If you see yourself in the league of those bands who performed live at Mood Indigo 2012, IIT Bombay in front of 5000 + audience, here’s your chance to perform at bigger and better platforms!.
  • Opportunity to perform in front of musical maestros. Honourable maestros like Shankar Mahadevan, Indian Ocean band and Prasoon Joshi  were the judges Any chance to exhibit your talent in front of the bigwigs of the industry cannot get bigger than this!
  • Publicity through print, radio and television for the winners!
  • Desh-Raag

Structure :

The competition is being executed in two phases:-

  1. The first phase being an online phase (6th June- 1st Oct ) wherein participants will register their profile at the Desh Raag site and upload self-recorded compositions on the profile pages and will be subsequently judged by experts.
  2. The second phase will be an event in a live setting. We have attractive prizes for 3 finalists. Prizes will be in both cash and kind [vouchers, software, opportunities etc.].

For Rules and Regulations visit :

Listen to our Season 1.0 songs here :

Desh Raag 2.0 Teaser :

Here’s your chance to participate in one of the biggest music revolutions in India. Don’t miss it!

Please feel free to write to us at

Contact us at:  +91-9076307088, +91-9029374255

Visit us at: or


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