COMPOSIT | IIT Kharagpur | 10-12 March 2017

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Composit 2017








Techfest names to resonate with its core maker spirit, COMPOSIT asks you – why make it, when you can compose it? That is exactly what this fest is based on – composing your dreams and watching them win. Congress of Metallurgical Professionals involving Students, Industry and Teachers (COMPOSIT) is the annual techfest organized by the Society of Metallurgical Engineers (SME), IIT Kharagpur. Since the year 1994, COMPOSIT has been fostering interactions and invoking innovations ever since.


Since its inception, COMPOSIT has provided an ideal platform for young minds from all over the country to showcase their talent. The largest fest in it’s genre all over India, it is a unique congregation of students, professionals, academicians and eminent personalities sharing the belief that materials will define the next revolution; a path breaking concept to compile and share knowledge and enthusiasm for the development of Science of Materials. Stretch your imagination, Mechanize your thoughts, Tickle your brain, Expand your horizon with national level events such as Technova, Metallomania,  Quizzes, Workshops and Guest Lectures. Eminent personalities from all over India have made an appearance in COMPOSIT. Students from renowned institutions all over India come aboard with us and showcase their talent by presenting their research work, thinking abilities and reasoning aptitude.

COMPOSIT is not just limited to Metallurgy. The fest provides a plethora of events for an engineer to prove their caliber, in their fields of interest. It is a unique learning opportunity for budding engineers, where they get to interact with research and industry professionals. The quality of participation and delegation itself promotes an ambiance for knowledge and exchange of ideas not restricted to metallurgy.An engineer grows in knowledge, skills and experience after attending COMPOSIT. Also, networking with fellow engineers and similar minds from across the country helps in building connections which is a crucial part of a student’s life. Apart from an incredible experience, participants get to take back certificates, goodies and prizes worth lakhs.




TECHNOVA: A classical technical conference for you to present your original scientific work or review articles.

‘TECHNOVA’ is a technical paper contest, where original scientific work , not exceeding 2 pages including figures are invited on the following topics:

  • Physical metallurgy and Mechanical Metallurgy
  • Extractive Metallurgy and Process Modeling
  • Advanced Materials and Materials Processing

METALLOMANIA: A technical poster presentation competition, METALLOMANIA, is a platform to express and present original research to your peers, teachers and industry in fields of metallurgy and materials. Time to put your aesthetic skills to use!

The goal of the poster presentation competition is to offer a venue for students to present original research in the field of metallurgy, and to provide a forum for informal discussion with interested students, teachers and industrialists.


METASPEAK: If you think you are a good speaker or very spontaneous with words, then Meta Speak is just meant for you, designed to test both your knowledge and communication ability, with a team of highly respected judges, this event will surely be a challenge. What is the event about? It is nothing but an extempore.




CASE STUDY: Case Study presents an opportunity to investigate into a current buzz in the Metallurgical and Materials Industry. It provides an opportunity to develop your insight in metallurgy and learn the rudiments of it. It aims to gauge your analyzing and presentation skills to the fullest.


DATA ANALYTICS : EXCAVATE is the data analytics event of COMPOSIT’17.
Data Analytics is used in many industries to allow companies and organization to make better business decisions and in the sciences to verify or disprove existing models or theories.

It provides an opportunity to find insights in types of data and content, to make the business more agile, and to answer questions that were previously considered beyond reach. This event will aim to gauge your presentation and data analysis skills to the fullest.


IOT AUTOMATION : COMPOSIT in association with TechieNest is organizing a workshop followed by a competition on Internet of Things . Find out more about the event
CYBER SECURITY CHAMPIONSHIP : COMPOSIT in association with ELAN IIT Hyderabad and Azure Skynet Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is organizing the Network and Cyber Security(Ethical Hacking) Championship 2017.

A two day workshop (11th-12th March 2017) on Cisco-Networking or Cyber Security/Forensics which will act as a zonal zonal round for the

BrainTech Network and Cyber Security Championship 2017.
The workshop will be delivered by Certified Professionals working in industry.
Based on the workshop, a competition will be organised at the zonal center.

The top 3 winners of the workshop will be competing against each other at

Grand Finale of BrainTech in April 2017 at Azure Skynet Solutions, Gurgaon in association with ELAN, IIT Hyderabad.
Winner from the Final Round will win the title of BrainTech Network and Cyber Security Champion-2017 and will be awarded with a Scholarship of upto Rs.1 Lac.


ENIGMA: ”I’m an enigma, an unknown. You can’t really figure out what I’m going to do next. I like it like that.”

We at COMPOSIT do not not believe in all work and no play. So get ready for an exciting online treasure hunt .

“Good writing is clear thinking made visible”.

— William Wheeler, journalist and author

Do you want to tell the world about your knowledge of materials?

Have you been exploring the brain at school or university and have the urge to write about the fantastic things you’ve learned?

Do you want to flaunt your writing skills?

Well here’s your chance. MetaScript is an article writing competition which aims to inspire students to show their writing skills in Materials and Metallurgical domain.
METACLIX: ”You see, but you do not observe.”

- Sherlock Holmes

Have you got an eye to see what others miss?

To all the photographers and materials enthusiasts, surprise us with some snaps related to METALLURGICAL or MATERIAL SCIENCE domain around you and tag it with a caption.


        THE SIXTH SENSE: The Sixth Sense is the detective case study competition which brings out the private investigator in you, about         which everyone of us had fantasized as a child.
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        Contact :  Shubham Singhal [ General Secretary] -8005951267
                              Debanjan Nayak[ student coordinator] -8017487218


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