BITSMUN | 9-11 Feb 2018 |Quark 2018

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10 Reasons why you should attend BITSMUN Goa

1. MUNing in Goa!!

We have all heard of debates, declamations, group discussions and simulations being organized around the world. While many of us may have made the effort to actually have a say in the same, in most cases we don’t wish to indulge ourselves mainly owing to the lack of incentives or excitement relating to fun, exploring new societal interactions and the factor of containment. Well, a simulation of United Nations popularly called Model United Nations takes care of half those problems with its format but the other half… Well that could only be taken care of if only the venue was fun.


2. It’s the Tenth Anniversary!

Well for those purposes, BITSMUN X which is the Tenth Edition of the MUN conference organized by the students of BITS Pilani, KK Birla Goa Campus is here and it’s bigger than ever.


3. Relaxation on First Timers

Firstly, it requires absolutely nothing from the delegates who show up except the zeal to learn and explore alike. The members of Executive Board which are all very experienced upto the point that numbers don’t describe the same are very understanding and they are experienced as regards making sure that the delegate which leaves the committee is far more learned than the one that entered.

4. International Delegates

BITSMUN plays host to delegates and Executive Board Members from not just India but also from 8 different countries from different continents which come all the way to Goa to debate, discuss, conclude and for something you’ll need to keep reading to find out.


5. New Committees Every Edition

Owing to the expectations, BITSMUN introduces a new committee with a different domain of agenda every edition so as to keep the factor of curiosity and widespread fertile land of debate alive. Previous editions saw the addition of FIFA which saw a great turnout as well as a great debate. This year, the crisis committee being introduced is ‘Illuminati’. Now isn’t that an interesting domain to choose a topic to debate on from. The portfolios and the backdrop of the crisis has all the delegates pumped up.


6. Diversity of Agenda’s

Also, the agendas this year cover almost everything you see a newspaper covering. From focusing on persecution of ethnic minorities, focusing on disarmament on MENA region, Nuclear Waste Mangement to our crisis committee who’s agenda has been retracted, the committees and their delegates shall discuss it all.


7. Guest Speakers

BITSMUN is organized along with ‘Quark’, the Techno-Management Fest of BITS Goa. It has a lot of interesting workshops, tech and management related competitions along with the ever exciting ‘Guest Lectures’ from personalities from varying fields who show up to share their experiences and lay down opportunities for aspiring people. This year’s lineup is as follows-

  1. Amit Goyal, TEDX India Head
  2. A.S Kiran Kumar, ISRO Chairman
  3. Rajagopala Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India
  4. Mumbai Dabbawala’s, Six Sigma Certified Organization
  5. Anil Kakodkar, Ex Director, BARC Padma Vibhushana
  6. Acharya Prashant, Spiritual Leader IIT-Delhi, IIM-A Alumnus, Civil Servant


8. Facilities

The Organizing Committee of BITSMUN ensures that the delegates and the EB Members alike have all their requirements provided for and for that, we provide accommodation at one of the best places to stay in Goa at a 2 minute drive from the campus which could possibly cost around 250 bucks if the option of cab is preferred. Good.. no Great quality food is provided for both in the hotels and in the campus and apart from that, we have great food stalls too.


9. CV and Experience

BITSMUN is one of the fastest growing International MUN’s in India so it is nothing but evident that the experience one gets hold of here has a marked effect on improvement of debate level as well as ‘Political Awareness’. Also, with the added benefit of variety of interactions( if you know what I mean ), it does good to one’s societal interactions.


10. Social’s Beach Party

Ahem… Well this is the big surprize. BITSMUN is known for it’s exciting than ever Social’s Beach Party. Ever heard of that in a conference? I bet not. After long hours of debate and discussion, we reward our delegates and EB members with nothing but fun which turns into nostalgia the very next day.

If these incentives aren’t enough( are you kidding me! ), then maybe you need to read this all over again. And if they were( which they were ), what are you waiting for. Register before Kim Jong Un drops a missile on US and we’ll have to go over the agenda’s once again.

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