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What is campfestiva?

Campfestiva .com has a simple aim which provides an artistic platform to all the individuals engaged with the organisation. It even propagates the simple mission of helping the college students to get to know about the youth festivals, college festivals, workshops, seminars etc. It is not only famous amongst students but even in business professionals as it gives the best opportunity to be updated with the professional n youth workshops and seminars. As these days colleges and its fests are no longer only focuses on the academic side and fests are no longer about the quizzes,n dance competition. There is much more than this like rock band performances, band competitions so campfestiva provides the information about these kind of upcoming events happening all over India in almost all the campuses. This helps students to prepare themselves beforehand about the upcoming event or competition.

Do we only believe in providing information about the college events ?

Actually I would say ‘NO’. But yes I must say our main focus is on students so giving more emphasis on college events becomes a necessity. But Yes we do provide the relevant information about all the technical events.  It is not a simple blog which has just the events posted we want to live the event that we promote. But HOW?? Campfestiva is having a special category ‘our event’ which contains the special coverage about the events that we promote. Right from your website launch, your event that is currently running on, winners, interview of winners, coordinators, internal preparation, pics everything. So this provides a whole coverage to your event which can help our readers to get engaged with the event and even we can help them to get themselves associated with our college partners to get the help when they require.

How campfestiva can help you to get updated about the event? Is it tough?

No not at all. It is a very simple procedure to get updated about the events. Just subscribe us through the email so that you’ll get updated every time a new event is posted. You can do one more thing also that you can get yourself registered from the column ‘get registered’ on the campfestiva.com and keep yourself updated about the events.

If you want to be a team member ?

In campfestiva we believe that team members are the core element of the organisation. Team members can make team a flop or a hit. So if you want to be a part of the campfestiva.com then you are most welcome. It is just a click away. Just go to the column ‘we are hiring team member ’ and apply for it. You can also contact us by clicking on the contact us column. We would love if you join campfestiva.




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